Free downloads of Kristi's acoustic songs, listen online or create your own mix of favorites to take with you

All songs are the acoustic musings and performance of Kristi Allen, vocals, guitar, banjo, keyboards, percussion, (intimate home recordings, mostly late at night and some under the influence of cheap wine or whiskey~:0)  
exceptions: Angel on the Eastside, lead acoustic  the fabulous Dale Baker, Charleston SC 
Memphis by the Strings  Chris Cooke Drums, Gary Hewitt Bass 
When the Whiskey Froze- twin sister  Kappa Danielson background vocals

If your favorite of Kristi's acoustic songs is not listed below, please submit a contact form, and I will try to locate the song in my files to place for download or rerecord a version just for you~:0)

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Hope you enjoy the create your own playlist/CD list.  I have received emails from folks that stated they had downloaded their own playlists of my songs  from You Tube-- and I thought I would make it easier on you download them here, in one place , with better sonic quality. If you made your own playlist or CD, enjoyed the songs, and would like to give back to my artistic endeavors you can click the button below.  Thank you~:0)